A Female Lens is a podcast that aims to both spotlight womxn in film through thoughtful discussion and cultivate a community of womxn dedicated to excellence in the film industry. We hope to make the process of filmmaking more accessible to new filmmakers, and to provide an outlet for womxn, female-identifying, and non-binary creators to share their knowledge and experience with others, while encouraging a spirit of collaboration and support. 

About Us

A Female Lens is a podcast for filmmakers and creatives co-hosted by Jennifer Zahlit and Larkin Bell. Each episode highlights female filmmakers at different stages of their careers from various lines of work in the film industry. In an industry dominated by men, women continue to face multiple barriers to entry. This podcast wants to change that.

About Us, Individually

Jennifer is a theatre and film director based in Los Angeles. She is interested in storytelling that allows for a deep examination of themes that explore our common humanity. Jennifer recently directed three short films and a music video. While living in NYC, she directed a sold-out run of Moonchildren, and collaborated with other theatre groups. A graduate of USC’s School of Dramatic Arts, Jennifer attended Directors Lab West in 2017 and co-founded the bicoastal play reading series Plays for the People.

Larkin is an actress, artist, and filmmaker. She graduated from USC's School of Dramatic Arts. She most recently produced several short films, and wrote and directed the short film, Sorry, Toowhich examines the gray area of an apology, specifically through the lens of our #MeToo era. She stars in the feature film Hatchback and has appeared in films, television, and commercials. Additionally, she co-hosts the bicoastal play reading series Plays for the People with Jennifer!


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